Sunday, January 8, 2012


As part of my effort to become a more healthier (lighter) version of me I've been working out in some manner every day as well as working to create better eating habits. Hence keeping my ear open for new and healthier (but still cheap) foods to make. So when my friend found this recipe and made it and then let me taste it...I was sold. Had to try it for myself and it was pretty good. And good for me! :-)

It consists of bananas, peanut butter, and cocoa (or Nutella) and is as good as ice cream without the calories! :-) Who wouldn't want that in a diet?! 


Anonymous said...

it is awesome isn't it?!?! the ice cube size pops i made were just 36 calories!! super nice.

Abbz said...

I gotta try this! Hey, do you know about my fitness pal?

Sarah said...

Do! And yes, I have. I just don't utilize the internet enough for that to be helpful. Otherwise I would use it! :)