Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Fall!!!

It's my favorite season! The smell of baking apples is in the air and the sound of the leaves blowing through the neighborhood fills my ears. I love all of the colors and the smells of Fall should be available year round!
I feel the urge deep within me to wax poetic but being incapable of such things I will wax normal. :-) 
The small of apples that I spoke of aren't actually baking apples but apples on the stove. Last weekend we went on a short road trip and brought along some sliced apples. As expected, no one was interested in them and they weren't even touched. (We are apple lovers but sliced apples have been the snack of trips for years and we're...burnt out.) So yesterday, feeling industrious and a little like little Suzy homemaker, I decided I wasn't going to let the browned apples that now no one was going to eat go to waste. I was going to make applesauce. :-) Or at least something close to it. (Last Thanksgiving my Mom "accidentally" make applesauce when cooking the apples for our apple pie so I knew it couldn't be that hard :-) ) So I peeled and diced the slices and set them to simmering. They cooked along fine and were soon getting soft so I added the cinnamon, sugar, and brown sugar as well (as a little more water which I had been adding a little bit at a time). I kept a close eye on it...but not close enough. :-S Soon I realized I wasn't hearing the sounds of simmering apples anymore so I went in to check. I wasn't hearing such sounds because now I was burning caramelizing the apples. End of said "Suzy homemaker" project. But! Today is another day and we had some Red Delicious apples that I knew no one was going to eat (not our favorite kind) so..... "Suzy Homemake" attempts #2! :-D
As of right now they are still on one piece as is the bottom of the pan. :-) I've been jumping up every couple of minutes to stir and sometimes add a little more water.

On to another subject for a bit while we wait for the apples to finish. :-) Fall has been "threatening" for quite some time now but hasn't really "hit" our yard yet. Well this morning it did. I walked outside this morning and saw that our lawn was covered in leaves (from our neighbor's tree, I might add :-P). So much fun! So of course I had to go out and take a few pictures...but of what? Just the leaves? Okay, got a few of those...

Aha! The cat! :-) She makes a very good model. :-)

Back to the apples. They are so yummy!!!!! I think I'll put the recipe on my other blog. You'll have to give it a try! If nothing else, it will fill your house with wonderful Fall scents. :-) Happy Fall everybody!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunrise...Sunset....and a mess up

Who hasn't tried a sunset picture. And who hasn't gotten some pretty good shots. It's an amazing piece of work straight from the Lords hands. A beautiful sight to behold and fairly easy to capture because of it's amazing beauty.

 But not as many of us have tried sunrises. I know I haven't..partially due to the fact that you have to get up...really early to catch it. :-P But I happened to be up the other morning and had to try to catch the amazing colors in the sky. 

I like what I got. :-)

Well back to the sunset. I actually took that on the very bumpy bus ride back from a youth rally we went to. Hence I had a few that were just a bunch of blur. I was deleting all of the blurry ones and about to hit delete on this one when I noticed the uniqueness of it. I don't know if you see what I see but it almost looks like a watercolor. Anyway, I loved it. 

So, always take a second look when you're about to delete something. Some times the most fun and unique shots are in the mess ups. :-)