Sunday, May 22, 2016


I have a thought for you. You have cancer. It is killing you. You have treatments twice a week. You want to be healed. And if you go to treatments you will be healed.'ve missed one treatment every week for the past two months. You need a break this week so you're going to skip a treatment. The Dr told you to do something you didn't like so you're going to miss this next treatment. You need some time with your family so you miss a treatment. A nurse said something that hurt your feelings so you miss another treatment. And after all of that, you're really overwhelmed with life and so you're gonna skip this one too. And on...and on...and on...then all of the sudden it's a year or more down the road and you've barely been to half of your treatments and you're upset that you still aren't fact the cancer is worse...and you can't figure out why. 
Salvation is by grace alone but God gave us church for a reason. So go. And not just now and then or when you feel like it. But so much the MORE as life gets harder and harder. 
#Hebrews1025 #readit #liveit