Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Year...Another Decade!

It's one o'clock in the morning so my birthday is officially over. This was a big one. At approximately eight o'clock this morning I left the twenties forever and joined the thirty club. It's been ... exciting. LoL I've been on and off freaking out about this for some time now...about two years. lol And now it's here. 
I'm not completely freaked out though. There's a part of me that's truly excited. I'm proud of thirty. Thankful to be here. I've worked hard for thirty! My twenties were hard. There were some crazy highs but some dark lows too. They were, in many ways, easier than my teens but still brought their own share of life lessons. And I didn't always learn them gracefully or easily. I worked. I fought. I failed. I learned. I dealt. I stumbled. I grew. 
I think the hardest part about thirty, the part that freaked me out a little bit, is that my social status isn't what I thought it would be at thirty. Married. Husband. Children. Ya know... But what's a social status? Just that. And it actually holds no bearing on my value. My value lies in Christ and He loved me enough to die for me. My position isn't what I thought it would be. Instead it's Auntie to a handful of amazing nieces. It's servant and co-laborer of the Lord. It's Miss Sarah to a bunch of bouncing babies in my church nursery. It's youth worker to some of the craziest, awesomest teens in North Platte (or anywhere!). And those are just brief descriptions of some of the most fulfilling moments of my life. Is thirty what I thought it would be? No. But it's what God thought it would be and that's better than any plan I could have conceived of. And now I can't wait to see what He has in store for the thirties! :-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nap time!

Two days a week I am a full time-stay at home auntie. While I help out with my nieces the other days of the week these two days are "my" days to take care of the girls while mama is working and going to school. I love my nieces more than anyone will ever know. They are the light, pride, and joys of my life and mean more to me than my own life. And boy do they know how to wear me out! LoL I'm getting what I believe to be a small taste of motherhood....and it's as tiring as it is amazing! Take nap time for example....
Stayed up late so when 1 year old is bright eyed and yelling before 8, I'm not. I get up anyway though cuz that's what you do (and if I don't then she'll be waking up 4 year old before she's done with her beauty sleep!). We eat, shower, and play and before long 4 year old is up. I'm being held together by prayer and praise music at this point though I'm still managing to be productive! One year old morning naps. Back up and now it's after noon and nap time again! Babies are sleeping so time for a cat nap for me too! But even though I was exhausted moments before, as soon as four eyes are closed in sleep....mine pop open and will NOT stay closed! What is it about those moments that are so enticing??? Suddenly I feel as if I can do anything! The possibilities are endless! I could work on that baby blanket that I want done by Sat (and isn't even close to done); I could do the dishes without baby girl hands pulling out all of the Tupperware; I could read my Bible without stopping a catastrophe every other word; I could mop the floor which hasn't been done in ....... a while; I could bake something yummy; I could pick up the living room and just sit in it's cleaness; I could be insanely idle and watch an auntie show; I could pick up a book for the first time in months; I could finish getting dressed! I contemplate the many tempting options.....and decide to blog about it all instead. Haha! But time those moments will be over soon and then I'll be cuddling, feeding, changing, and saving sweet girls from eating/doing something they shouldn't so I'm gonna go do one or two of those things on that list real quick! Enjoy your moments today!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The One Thing I Know

These days I don't know anything. I don't know what to think. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to NOT think/say/do! I don't know how all of this is going to work out. Or if it's going to. I don't know my right from my left. I don't know what He's doing. Or why He's doing it. I don't know if I'll be able to last another day. I just don't know. But the one thing I do know is Romans 8:28: "And we KNOW that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." I KNOW that if I'll just follow Him, one baby step at a time, it WILL all work out. And this one thing I know is enough to get me through all of the 101 things that I don't know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just say No??

So like most women out there, I have a very hard time saying no to people. Friends, family, If you ask me to do something, I feel morally obligated to say yes. But that's finally starting to change. I'm realizing it's healthy and good (GOOD??) to say no sometimes! Yes, I believe the Bible when it says, "Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others." but I'm realizing that it is FALSE to believe that that means I have to always say yes. It does say "also" on the things of others. So there are times when I need to and can say no. And believe it or not, I do! Every once in awhile. ;-) Like last Saturday? I had committed to do some freezing and such with my mom but then was asked to help out a girlfriend in my church. I was so torn! To tears! lol Yes, I am one of those emotional women lol But then it suddenly became clear, I had made a previous commitment. So I couldn't do the requested task. Case closed! Amazing how simple it is
So, just a little reminder that you don't have to meet every bodies needs. You can't! That's God's job. And yes, sometimes He does that through us. But sometimes He does it through someone else. Let them be/get a blessing too ;-)

Her Messiness - That's Me!

"Life is the messy bits". This is one of my all time favorite quotes. So when I was trying to decide what to call my new blog and what to talk about in it, this seemed to be the obvious answer.
We all have our own version of how our perfect life should be. I do! And I'm finding that it's anything but that. LoL 
My perfect life was marry my perfect man, be a perfect wife, have perfect kids, be a perfect mom, have a perfect life! News didn't happen that way lol Instead.... I am the full time pianist at my church(which means services, choir, ladies ensemble, ladies quartet, funerals, and everything in between that someone might need...I should be practicing right now...), nursery coordinator of our booming nursery (you'd be surprised at the issues I have to mediate there-I need to have another meeting soon...), part of the janitorial team, full time youth worker (which means helping plan, prepare, and pull off weekly events and more), part time photographer (though I am a cameraless photographer at the moment....need to get on that), piano teacher (my piano really, REALLY needs tuning), in home volunteer (not even going to elaborate on what's been going on there), full time auntie to my two adorable, wonderful, ornery, live in nieces (closest thing to parenting I've experienced and it has taught me. A lot.), stay at home daughter who can NOT keep the kitchen clean for a household of nine (no matter how hard I try!), sister, daughter, friend, and still waiting for the Lord to point out my Mr Right. Yeah....I think that covers the high points! And like most women, even though I truly love every part of this, I feel like a failure on a lot of it.....a lot of the time. 
So this is me. Me learning how to love the messy bits. Me learning IN the messy bits. Me seeing if that was a spider I felt in my bed....okay, no! We're good! LoL Me learning to take life one messy bit at a time. Me learning that my life isn't's better than any perfect I could have imagined.
So ...... do you wanna join in my messiness?

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I love trying new recipes! Especially when they work lol I cooked with eggplant for the first time ever today. Made eggplant with lasagna. It turned out really yummy! And healthy too! Now I know what to do with eggplant when someone gives to me :-P 

Monday, February 3, 2014

"So May I Pray"

Meet my current frenemy
I'm working on a handful of pieces for my church choir but this is the one we are doing next so I've been focusing on it. Most of the time I love it-it's a really pretty piece! And I'm loving the challenge all of these new pieces have been for me. But sometimes, on certains parts of it, I hate it. LoL 
Oh well, I always tell my students if it isn't hard then you aren't learning anything! ;-)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

He Leadeth Me

When God uses your piano students practice piece to remind you that He's there. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just a pic

Don't really have much to say today...not that there's nothing on my mind...just nothing to share right now. Looking forward to getting recharged at church tonight. Happy Wednesday, ya'll. ☺

Frost on my windshield this morning.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thanks, Pinterest!

I'll just let you in on the secret right off...I'm not actually thankful to Pinterest at this moment! LoL This is the email I received from them this morning...
Rude, right???? 
For those who don't know me as well...I would very much like to get married. The problem is that the Lord has yet to decide that it's time for me to get married! LoL So here I sit, living an amazing life but still very much desiring marriage. Then I check my email and this is in it! Cruel, Pinterest. Just cruel. 
Not even sure why they decided I might need this....oh well. Back to my Monday!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Babies > anything else :-)

Here is what most of my day looked like:
Did some overdue photo editing most of the day. But! In the middle I got to go meet an adorable little man :-)
Man, God knew what He was doing when He started us as babies. There is nothing sweeter than a one day old infant in your arms. I drank him in.
What was your day like?

Friday, January 17, 2014


A sight that sends chills down my back...

I cleaned out my phone finally. Had over 1,000 pics on my phone lol But now I don't have any and it kinda hurts.... :-(

On a completely separate topic, I'm babysitting my nieces (one 3 yr old and one 4 yr old) for about 12 hours today. Think I'll be sane by the end of the night? :-P 
Nah, they're little stinkers but I love 'em :-)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am so thankful for this fact. Though saved by grace, I still have my daily struggles, and every now and then something comes along that is really, really hard to resist. And instead of girding my loins, tapping into the strength of the One who created the universe, and resisting I begin to weaken and consider giving in this time. Last year was a rough one for me, I almost choice my own path instead of the Lord's concerning a deep desire of my heart. But thankfully (praise the Lord!) I took the U-turn and I'm back on the Lord's path. The feeling of peace is so reassuring. I am so thankful for His goodness.
"...the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance.." Romans 2:4

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chef Sarah

Well I might not be an actual schooled chef but I do love to cook and try new things. Pinch of this. A dash of the. Sniff. Taste. A little more of this. Mmmm! Perfection! 
Okay...maybe it doesn't always work out this Oh well.
So tonight I'm playing with lentils for the first time. We ate them a lot for a time when I was a child but haven't since. There was a bag in the cupboard and I had no idea what I was gonna make for supper so I decided to have fun. A dash of this. A pinch of that. We'll see how it turns out! :-)
I just don't know if I can wait!!! LoL

It's delicious!!!!! Even though I wasn't able to let them cook quite as long as they maybe needed. Will definitely make again :-)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I just wanna blog!!!!!

Why does it have to be so hard!!! I have an iPhone, for Pete's sake! It takes beautiful pictures and then I can blog it right from my phone! *Sigh* Well....I'm at the beginning of a new year...yet again (funny how it rolls around about the same time every year...) so maybe...just maybe...I'll create a new habit. Habitual blogging! :-) 
Only time will tell...