Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay, it's not that great quality but it seemed like a good excuse to blog ... since I haven't in FOR-EVER! lol I finally succumbed and joined the "taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror" club. lol I actually only did because that's the easiest place to take a picture of yourself on your phone! :-P Oh well. So here it is! Hi, from me, to you, and glad to know that you're still around even if I haven't been! :-) Thanks!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Poppin' in for a Second!

Hi! Remember me? I'm the one that invited you here not too long ago and then abandonded you! lol Still computerless at my house so I'm harking back to the old days when I would make the treck to the library once a week to use their free internet. :-) Ah...the good old days. lol Maybe, maybe not. I have to repeat though that I am actually really enjoying not being on the computer all of the time. lol It's a little hard to keep yourself off of it when it's right there to jump on every few minutes. I miss being in daily contact with some of my friends but that's about it. And most of the really important ones I'm still in contact with through other means. :-)
I have to say that as I continually type out a sentence or a paragraph and then delete it because sending it into cyber space might send anyone who reads it into major boredom...I'm realizing again that the blogging juices just aren't flowing the way they used to. lol So I guess I'll go ahead and close this...yet another failed attempt at a blog. Oh well. At least I succeeded in telling you that I'm still here, life has it's downs but also many ups (such as late night phone calls from far away friends...walks with my walking buddy in the cool of the moring...quiet time with my Lord....a good book...learning that I'm going to be an Aunty...and more :-) )....and that I'll probably be back again one of these days, hopefully with a more interesting post. :-) Until then! Praying life is well and blessed with all of you my readers (if there are any anymore :-P)!

PS Was going to add a photo to this blog to liven it up because, as a friend once said, "blogs are more fun with pictures..." but...I don't have my camera with me and blah blah I'm not going to. Maybe next time I'll be better orginized!

HA! :-P

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beggers Can't be Choosers

My mama always said that to me and it is so true. It's amazing how hard times make you more appreciative of whatever you can get. Right now that is computer time at the library because the mail computer I used at home is on the fritz (majorly). lol Hence why you all haven't heard from me in quite awhile and why most of you have probably forgotten about me. :-P
The funny thing though about being on a forced computer fast is, I've kind of enjoyed it. :-) While I love keeping up with everybody on FB, love my blogs (all 5 of them!), and love reading other peoples blogs, etc., it's also been nice having the extra free time at home to do ... whatever. Read a book, clean the kitchen, sleep... lol
Autumn is in the air and I am loving it. Back during Spring I spoke of my going back and forth between Autumn and Spring being my favorite season. I have to say, as the weather cools and the wind picks up and the Autumn smells begin to fill the air, I really think Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love Spring and the "newness" in the air, but nothing beats the feel of an Autumn evening. The one unfortunate of the season is the memories it brings back. Let's just say I'm looking forward to making new one so that the old ones will stop haunting me. Still my favorite time of year though. ;-)
With more time on my hands, I've been reading more and now with the cooler weather I hope to be baking and cooking more. Yay! :-) Probably the best thing I've been picking up more often is my Bible. :-) What about you?

Back on the flip side, less computer time seems to have clogged up my creative juices so this blog isn't coming together very well. In an effort to remain in touch with the cyber world though I will post this anyway. Hope life is wonderful for you all out there! :-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Old, New Camera!

I looked into renting an SLR camera for the wedding I was doing last weekend and ended up renting this one from a friend. Then she sold it to me! So I am now the owner (OWNER! :-D) of an SLR!!! I have to admit, I have been a Nikon photographer for awhile now, but I am very thankful for this camera and will use it to it's full capacity and enjoy every moment of it until I can save up for a new, new camera. :-)

This is a picture of it from the internet.

It was really cool how the Lord worked it all out for me. He knew I'd been wanting one but wasn't seeing being able to afford one in the near future. So now I forgive my other friend who wouldn't send me her camera through the mail. Other wise I wouldn't have rented then bought this camera. :-P Just kidding!!!!!!! :-) 
I look forward to doing many posts in the future with amazing pictures in it thanks to my old, new camera. :-)

P.S. Yes, I already had a camera and yes, it was and is an amazing camera. But there are just some things that an SLR can do that a point-and-shoot aren't capable of. :-) If none of this made sense, go look it up. :-P
P.P.S. The amazing picture of my brother's sandwiches in the last post were taken with my old, new camera. :-)

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Greatly Dislike My Brother


was my brother's lunch today. If you haven't yet realized the point of my irritation, I will point it out to you. There are three sandwiches here. For one meal. Let me also point out that my brother is of the ... slender body type. Even though he regularly eats three sandwiches for one meal. I guess I need to get over it. To realize that it is a fact of life that I can only enjoy one sandwich per meal ... lest I become the size of King Kong. 

Oh, for the record, he also had a Yoo-hoo. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

EW! Gross!!!

Just thought I would get that out of the way for you so that we waste no time and get right to the "ooh's and aah's". :-) This is a first for me and so much fun. I was bored, biding time until I had to leave for a piano lesson so I was wandering the yard looking for photo moments. I originally got my camera to capture a Cardinal who had landed in my yard...and promptly flew away as soon as I had camera in hand. Anywho...I got some pretty shots of some flowers, a weed clover, and a blade of grass... But the pièce de résistance came from a spider. Yes, a spider. :-) Any girl who has a true artist in her soul has to be able to admit that spiders and their habitats are truly beautiful things. (just so long as their habitat doesn't involve mine that is...) I was fiddling around the neighbors tree when I noticed this itty bitty spider. My red-headed stubborn streak kicked in and I determined then and there that I was going to stand there and "half-way press" my shutter button until the camera focused properly and I got a shot of this spider and it's web. Well, after much patience and suppressing of feelings like, "I'm going to throw this camera across the yard!!!!"........

:-) I'll save the other photos for a desperate blog moment. :-)

P.S. You can click to enlarge if you dare. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be it ever so humble...

I am such a homebody. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with friends, visiting people, going places, but when it gets to evening time and I'm looking at being gone all evening (sometimes even over night), I look around my room and suddenly feel oh so melancholy. 

Everything seems to fade away as the radio provides a little "music to be melancholy to" and I remind myself that I will have a good time and my comfy bed will not always be able to compare with the fellowship ... with a fellow human being. So I go. And I have a good time. And then I come back to my bedroom. :-)
..there's no place like home.

Disclaimer: This isn't really a picture of my bedroom. What? You thought I would really put a picture of my bedroom on here for all the world to see??? No way, Jose!!! One, my bedroom isn't the cleanest room you've ever seen and two, this one is so much prettier than mine. :-) So I "borrowed" it. :-) You wouldn't want to leave this bedroom either, would you? ;-)

Is that a pink one???

That's what my brother fearfully said the other night as I was sweeping the living room. I quickly assured him that it was just an orange jellybean. Then I thought what a dismal fate this poor orange Starburst jellybean was about to suffer, all because it wasn't pink, and decided to pick it up and eat it. Gross! Are you crazy!?! I took a picture of it, swept it up, threw it away, and now I'm blogging in it's honor. :-) I know. I'm an amazing person. 

Farewell, orange jellybean. I will never think of you again but you had a good life.

P.S. The above said brother started his own blog! Check it out here!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Referrals anyone?

Have you heard of Swagbucks? Well it would seem there is a Swagbucks revolution going on and I'm not benefiting from it!!! I first joined...a while back...don't remember exactly when...but when I joined I was asked to invite others to join. I've done that before but, I know from personal experience, it can be annoying to be invited to every new social whatever that comes down the pike. Remember WAYN or Flickr??? So I decided to be considerate of my friends and not invite anyone. Well....I might have invited ONE person who I thought would actually be interested... Anywho, now here it is a year or more later and I'm seeing person after person join up. But am I getting the referral credit???? NO! Someone else is when I was the one being nice! But of course, now that I'm seeing a whole bunch of people sign up who I didn't think would be interested I'm second guessing myself. So! Here is your invite! :-D Join Swagbucks, a community where you can earn points and redeem them for cool stuff!

                                             Search & Win pressure ...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I know my last (and first) post said, "New Blog!" yet, if you have your eyes open right now, you can see for yourself that there are a whole bunch of other boring totally awesome posts before it. That's because I took them from my other blog (the one I'm making more "professional", remember?) and brought them over here where they can be enjoyed by us "un-professional" people. :-P I hope that I have cleared up any confusion. If not, call this number: 781-452-2080(please pardon the reference to your seat...) and have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Blog!

What a boring title! Yet that is always what people put on the first post of a new blog. I guess I'm "people". :-)
I had another blog but decided it needed to be more...professional. Well I can't be professional all of the time! So here will be my little spot to share the quirky thoughts that come out of this brain of mine. 

To start of with...and to close this, my first post - a random quote that I love from a classic that I love. Though I have to admit that I haven't read said classic(I'm half-way through!)...only watched the movie...but that doesn't mean it isn't a good line! A good book! And a good movie! 

Oh right! Here it is. :-)

"I hate to see you standing about by yourself in this stupid manner." 
~Charles Bingley from Pride and Prejudice

Monday, March 28, 2011

Snowflakes. . . AGAIN!!!!

It just seems we can't get away from this snow. Here it is, Spring has officially begun, we're about to leave March behind us and we're getting more snow. I do have to say though that they were big, fat, beautiful flakes. So I decided I was going to take advantage of the opportunity (I had to make it good somehow!) and take some shots in the snow. Since all of the people in my family are adults (no fun to take photographs of :-P) I borrowed a couple of my piano students when they came for their lessons. :-) Since they had to get home I only took a couple of each but they still turned out better than if it had been of one of us ugly boring adults! :-P 

(all SOOC)

Love her eyes in this one.

Had to try some B&W too.

Definitely made the snow worth it. Already thinking of ways to make them better next time. Can't wait to try my hand at it again.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cross Country Photography

Last night I got home from a 9 day road trip. I had a wonderful time and tried to use it as an opportunity to get some unique photos. But, I had a hard time keeping the camera with me (we were pretty squished in the car, especially on the way back) so while I did get a few fun ones I also missed a few amazing ones. One specific one really killed me to miss...but I guess I will survive. lol So! Here are a few. :-)

I couldn't help but wonder how good this coffee/cappuccino was at .50 cents a cup...

I had this shot perfectly (a big, old, pretty building) and was about to snap it when the stupid semi got in my way! I still thought it was kind of neat though because the focus is still on the building in the background. :-P

One that actually worked. I love the neat little farms you pass as you drive down the interstate.

I couldn't decide which of these two I liked better...both are such different "angles".

Then of course I had to get a couple of animals. :-)

Thanks for coming with me! :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Snowing!!!

For the second time this Winter. Well, we have had a dusting or two as well but they do not count next to these "dumpings" we have had! I don't mind the long as I do not have to go out in it! It is so pretty! And this time it is the big, fat, fluffy snow flakes! Awesome!!! 

I didn't venture out past my porch. lol Therefore I did not get anything really amazing. But it still shows how much snow is coming down!

The house across the street...

and a couple "artistic" shots..if you want to call them that. :-P

*sigh* I can not believe it has already been a year since I last took some Winter shots. One year ago I went out with a dear friend who also loves photography and we got some pretty neat Winter shots. Snow, ice, frost. It was pretty. It has also been one year today since I saw said friend because she up and moved away. So thankful for cell phones and Facebook! :-)