Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan/2013 Happy New Year!

So....I'm gonna give it another shot! This whole blogging thing. lol As the Summer hit last year all hope of doing a daily/365 blog was completely lost but ... I'm thinking I might be able to do a post once a month. So here's my first post of the year! (yes, I'm technically 21 days late but shhh...don't tell lol)

Though late, the year is still new. I love the beginning of a year. It feels so fresh. You can feel the mistakes and the oldness of the previous year slip away into the past and you see brand new days ahead full of completely mistakeless moments. Last year was pretty amazing for the most part. It definitely had it's dips though they didn't out weigh the highs. Now I am looking forward to 2013 and it's possibilities. :-)

We've packed a lot into the new year already! A church birthday party, the Secret Sister Banquet, a weekend trip to see my girlfriend, a photo shoot, and all of life's daily crazies. lol 

So! Happy New Year to ya again and may your 2013 be blessed!!! 
See ya next month! :-)