Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I was right! With all that's been going on at our house, it's now been 3 weeks since the last time I posted on here!
We have officially turned out house upside down as we clean out every nook and cranny ... and some we didn't know we had. Finding a whole bunch of stuff that we put away for "next year" and now it's years later and we can't use it any more. Finding papers etc that we "needed" to keep but are now finding that we can trash them. Digging up memories, some happy some sad.
The boys are re-doing one of our bathrooms. They've completely gutted it ...

(in the process, found a huge wasps nest!)

and are hopefully soon in the process of putting walls back in it...and a sink...and a toilet...We really miss having two bathrooms!

I tried to do a garage sale last weekend with all of the stuff we've found throughout the house. Friday I got up, ran an errand, then just I got everything set up, it started to rain on my parade garage sale. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy but it was just a "few-minute-rain" so I wiped everything off and decided to give it a second shot. I ran my sister to work real quick (by now it's 10 A.M.) and as we're driving it starts to rain again. I think it was about that point that I decided to give up. So I decide we're going to get up bright and early Saturday and try try again! ....... I slept through my alarm. :-S (That's how busy we've been!) So! Ever the hopeful, I'm going to give it one more shot this weekend. We'll see what happens...
We're having a Memorial Day BBQ this monday which I am looking forward to. We've got a list of jobs we're hoping to get done by then. It'll be nice to hit our first "goal". I think it'll feel more like we're getting somewhere then.

Since the last time I blogged we had our Mother Daughter Banquet. It went well and I got a few cute pictures then ... 

such as the boys standing at
attention as our servers :-)

and on Mother's Day.

Nathanael had his first violin recital on Mother's Day. He did very well!!! It was so exciting!

And last night the church held Laura's Baby Shower. The night went fairly well (if you don't count the black out)...a few mis-haps, the most critical being, after taking a dozen or so pictures my batteries died! I really, really, REALLY hate that "Batteries are exausted" screen. But I did get a few before then.

Other than that, I haven't taken very many pictures lately. I'm telling you, we have been swamped!

Well, seeing as how I'm using up valuable time that I could be using to work on ... something back at the house, and how this is turning into a short novel, I guess I'd better run. I'll see you again one of these day! :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been SO busy lately. And I know, we say that right? But I really mean it when I say busy. What makes it harder to get on the computer for me is that I don't have one at home. :-S So, it's whenever I can run to the library real quick...then plug in my camera...impatiently patiently wait for it to load...look through the hundreds few pictures to decide which one to blog (unless I already have an idea) it...and blog. I know, quite the process. :-P So I've begun to, when I actually am here, with my camera, save a handful of pictures and then when I stop in for just a second, I have a picture waiting for me to blog about. :-D Great system, right?
Anywho...this is one I grabbed real quick the day I went out with Nathan and Dillion for Senior pictures.

It intrigued me.

Unfortunantly, for my blog, the Summer is only going to get crazier and crazier. So, we'll see how often I actually get here. I will try to post photos of all of it as it happens! :-)