Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beggers Can't be Choosers

My mama always said that to me and it is so true. It's amazing how hard times make you more appreciative of whatever you can get. Right now that is computer time at the library because the mail computer I used at home is on the fritz (majorly). lol Hence why you all haven't heard from me in quite awhile and why most of you have probably forgotten about me. :-P
The funny thing though about being on a forced computer fast is, I've kind of enjoyed it. :-) While I love keeping up with everybody on FB, love my blogs (all 5 of them!), and love reading other peoples blogs, etc., it's also been nice having the extra free time at home to do ... whatever. Read a book, clean the kitchen, sleep... lol
Autumn is in the air and I am loving it. Back during Spring I spoke of my going back and forth between Autumn and Spring being my favorite season. I have to say, as the weather cools and the wind picks up and the Autumn smells begin to fill the air, I really think Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love Spring and the "newness" in the air, but nothing beats the feel of an Autumn evening. The one unfortunate of the season is the memories it brings back. Let's just say I'm looking forward to making new one so that the old ones will stop haunting me. Still my favorite time of year though. ;-)
With more time on my hands, I've been reading more and now with the cooler weather I hope to be baking and cooking more. Yay! :-) Probably the best thing I've been picking up more often is my Bible. :-) What about you?

Back on the flip side, less computer time seems to have clogged up my creative juices so this blog isn't coming together very well. In an effort to remain in touch with the cyber world though I will post this anyway. Hope life is wonderful for you all out there! :-)