Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Poppin' in for a Second!

Hi! Remember me? I'm the one that invited you here not too long ago and then abandonded you! lol Still computerless at my house so I'm harking back to the old days when I would make the treck to the library once a week to use their free internet. :-) Ah...the good old days. lol Maybe, maybe not. I have to repeat though that I am actually really enjoying not being on the computer all of the time. lol It's a little hard to keep yourself off of it when it's right there to jump on every few minutes. I miss being in daily contact with some of my friends but that's about it. And most of the really important ones I'm still in contact with through other means. :-)
I have to say that as I continually type out a sentence or a paragraph and then delete it because sending it into cyber space might send anyone who reads it into major boredom...I'm realizing again that the blogging juices just aren't flowing the way they used to. lol So I guess I'll go ahead and close this...yet another failed attempt at a blog. Oh well. At least I succeeded in telling you that I'm still here, life has it's downs but also many ups (such as late night phone calls from far away friends...walks with my walking buddy in the cool of the moring...quiet time with my Lord....a good book...learning that I'm going to be an Aunty...and more :-) )....and that I'll probably be back again one of these days, hopefully with a more interesting post. :-) Until then! Praying life is well and blessed with all of you my readers (if there are any anymore :-P)!

PS Was going to add a photo to this blog to liven it up because, as a friend once said, "blogs are more fun with pictures..." but...I don't have my camera with me and blah blah I'm not going to. Maybe next time I'll be better orginized!

HA! :-P