Monday, July 18, 2011

My Old, New Camera!

I looked into renting an SLR camera for the wedding I was doing last weekend and ended up renting this one from a friend. Then she sold it to me! So I am now the owner (OWNER! :-D) of an SLR!!! I have to admit, I have been a Nikon photographer for awhile now, but I am very thankful for this camera and will use it to it's full capacity and enjoy every moment of it until I can save up for a new, new camera. :-)

This is a picture of it from the internet.

It was really cool how the Lord worked it all out for me. He knew I'd been wanting one but wasn't seeing being able to afford one in the near future. So now I forgive my other friend who wouldn't send me her camera through the mail. Other wise I wouldn't have rented then bought this camera. :-P Just kidding!!!!!!! :-) 
I look forward to doing many posts in the future with amazing pictures in it thanks to my old, new camera. :-)

P.S. Yes, I already had a camera and yes, it was and is an amazing camera. But there are just some things that an SLR can do that a point-and-shoot aren't capable of. :-) If none of this made sense, go look it up. :-P
P.P.S. The amazing picture of my brother's sandwiches in the last post were taken with my old, new camera. :-)

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Greatly Dislike My Brother


was my brother's lunch today. If you haven't yet realized the point of my irritation, I will point it out to you. There are three sandwiches here. For one meal. Let me also point out that my brother is of the ... slender body type. Even though he regularly eats three sandwiches for one meal. I guess I need to get over it. To realize that it is a fact of life that I can only enjoy one sandwich per meal ... lest I become the size of King Kong. 

Oh, for the record, he also had a Yoo-hoo.