Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cross Country Photography

Last night I got home from a 9 day road trip. I had a wonderful time and tried to use it as an opportunity to get some unique photos. But, I had a hard time keeping the camera with me (we were pretty squished in the car, especially on the way back) so while I did get a few fun ones I also missed a few amazing ones. One specific one really killed me to miss...but I guess I will survive. lol So! Here are a few. :-)

I couldn't help but wonder how good this coffee/cappuccino was at .50 cents a cup...

I had this shot perfectly (a big, old, pretty building) and was about to snap it when the stupid semi got in my way! I still thought it was kind of neat though because the focus is still on the building in the background. :-P

One that actually worked. I love the neat little farms you pass as you drive down the interstate.

I couldn't decide which of these two I liked better...both are such different "angles".

Then of course I had to get a couple of animals. :-)

Thanks for coming with me! :-)

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Rachel said...

How fun! I love the kitty one! :) You'd love it here in Amish country, PA. I'd love to see some photos you'd take of the little Amish farms along the interstate here!