Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nap time!

Two days a week I am a full time-stay at home auntie. While I help out with my nieces the other days of the week these two days are "my" days to take care of the girls while mama is working and going to school. I love my nieces more than anyone will ever know. They are the light, pride, and joys of my life and mean more to me than my own life. And boy do they know how to wear me out! LoL I'm getting what I believe to be a small taste of motherhood....and it's as tiring as it is amazing! Take nap time for example....
Stayed up late so when 1 year old is bright eyed and yelling before 8, I'm not. I get up anyway though cuz that's what you do (and if I don't then she'll be waking up 4 year old before she's done with her beauty sleep!). We eat, shower, and play and before long 4 year old is up. I'm being held together by prayer and praise music at this point though I'm still managing to be productive! One year old morning naps. Back up and now it's after noon and nap time again! Babies are sleeping so time for a cat nap for me too! But even though I was exhausted moments before, as soon as four eyes are closed in sleep....mine pop open and will NOT stay closed! What is it about those moments that are so enticing??? Suddenly I feel as if I can do anything! The possibilities are endless! I could work on that baby blanket that I want done by Sat (and isn't even close to done); I could do the dishes without baby girl hands pulling out all of the Tupperware; I could read my Bible without stopping a catastrophe every other word; I could mop the floor which hasn't been done in ....... a while; I could bake something yummy; I could pick up the living room and just sit in it's cleaness; I could be insanely idle and watch an auntie show; I could pick up a book for the first time in months; I could finish getting dressed! I contemplate the many tempting options.....and decide to blog about it all instead. Haha! But time those moments will be over soon and then I'll be cuddling, feeding, changing, and saving sweet girls from eating/doing something they shouldn't so I'm gonna go do one or two of those things on that list real quick! Enjoy your moments today!

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