Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunrise...Sunset....and a mess up

Who hasn't tried a sunset picture. And who hasn't gotten some pretty good shots. It's an amazing piece of work straight from the Lords hands. A beautiful sight to behold and fairly easy to capture because of it's amazing beauty.

 But not as many of us have tried sunrises. I know I haven't..partially due to the fact that you have to get up...really early to catch it. :-P But I happened to be up the other morning and had to try to catch the amazing colors in the sky. 

I like what I got. :-)

Well back to the sunset. I actually took that on the very bumpy bus ride back from a youth rally we went to. Hence I had a few that were just a bunch of blur. I was deleting all of the blurry ones and about to hit delete on this one when I noticed the uniqueness of it. I don't know if you see what I see but it almost looks like a watercolor. Anyway, I loved it. 

So, always take a second look when you're about to delete something. Some times the most fun and unique shots are in the mess ups. :-)

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