Thursday, January 26, 2012


I love comfy clothes. So much so that I have to be really careful to not let myself wear them out ... too often. :-P (Though I have to insert here that I've gotten much better at my clothing choices as I've gotten older.) This is my favoritest piece right now. My Mama got it for me a few weeks ago and, to be honest, I didn't really care for it at first. (Don't tell her! :-P ) But now I love it! It's big and comfy. The short sleeves are great so when I'm doing dishes, at least once a day if not more often, I don't have to mess with annoying sleeves. It's comfy. Even though it has short sleeves, because it's heavy enough, I'm still kept warm. (You know how cool old houses are.) It has pockets. Two! So one for my phone the other for random things that you pick up as you go through your day. 
And did I mention that it's comfy? :-)

I call it my housecoat. :-)
I kinda wear it just about every day ...

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