Thursday, January 19, 2012


First let me tell you about yesterday's 366 blog. I didn't blog on purpose. I only heard about the SOPA blackout the day before and not being entirely internet/website savvy I didn't know how to actually blackout my website. So, as a friend of mine did, I just didn't post as my own form of a blackout protest. If you would like to know more about SOPA and what they're trying to do click here.

On to today! Today was a nice slow day. Good thing too because I had no motivation! As I told a friend, I was in a funk! lol I did manage to work out for an hour and a half, read my Bible, go to visitation, and get my kitchen clean...but I didn't hit my bedroom as originally planned until this evening when I got home from visitation. (I'm actually taking a break from it to post this lol) One of the things needed to be done being...putting clothes away.

I'm not very good at putting clothes away. lol I've gotten a lot better at it but catch me on a busy week and you'll see a mountain pile of clothes in my bedroom. That being said, I guess I had better post this and get back to work so I can enjoy some reading time before I go to bed. :-)

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