Saturday, January 9, 2010

A NEW Blog!

So, my LOVELY family went together and bought me a new camera for my birthday.

A Nikon Coolpix L100

So of course, I'm taking pictures ALL the time now! Ok....maybe just alot more often. :-)
I have my other blog isn't exactly set up to post tons and tons of pictures so I finally gave in and started a Blogger blog. :-) Hence, this is my photography blog! I can't wait to start posting picture after picture of food...




and of course, my family!

(he's going to be so excited that I posted this picture :-P )

I finally joined the ranks. Now! Let's see if I can keep up with it!
*Note to self: Create a "Stamp".

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A new said...

Go see mine. I don't write often enough...oh, what I'd do for a bit of "extra" time... :)
Tryin' to get Kelsi to take the time to blog.

:) Mrs. Martin