Monday, June 3, 2013


Well I guess I didn't do the once a month The story of my blog-life. :-P But!!!! I have good news and bad news.....
Bad news first. My dinosaur laptop finally gave up the ghost. I worked it to death editing photos and browsing the Internet. lol It had a good life and served me well. Finances being what they are though I won't be looking into getting a new one for a bit yet. In the mean time, the good news! I now have a smart phone!!! :-D When I first got it I said it was almost like having a laptop and I'm believing that more and more. lol Blogging  is the next thing that I'm learning to do on it. So hopefully I'll do a little better (enjoy it more??) at the whole blogging thing. :-)
As for an update one recent events? Well I'm gonna be an Auntie again times TWO this November!!! And right now I'm getting geared up for the first big summer event-Church camp! :-) There's been lots more going on and is even more coming up but that's what's on the calendar right now.
See ya'll around hopefully sooner rather than later! :-)

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