Saturday, February 4, 2012


Nothing like a cold snap to really put you into the tea mood. 

I've never actually been a huge tea drinker. It just doesn't have enough body for me ... unless you add a lot of sugar and milk and then you've defeated the healthy purpose of tea. lol I've recently discovered the way that I love (yes, love) tea and don't feel like I'm ruining the tea. With maple syrup as a sweetener! Yes, it's still a sugary substance but, especially if you use fresh, it's not a bad sugar ... if that makes sense. lol All that to day that I don't have any maple sugar right now. lol But, I still began a tea adventure today. I pulled out some tea that I had been holding back and decided if I wasn't going to try it now ... then when??? So I'll try each flavor one by one (maybe trying different additives too... ) and see what I like. :-)

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