Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I grabbed my camera the other day and started following Kitty Witty around trying to get a good picture (as I've already said, with no children in the house, the best I can do for cute subjects are our family felines). She went out the front door and just dawdled around the front porch offering me very little to work with...

 ...hence the pictures of our downtown area (which is only a few blocks away).

(regular focus)

(infinity focus. Hmmm...)

She finally leaves the porch so I follow her getting excited, waiting to see what "animal" thing she will do that I can capture and in so capturing, "awe the world". So...I follow her all the way around to the back of the house ... to the back door and realize, she wasn't on her way to doing something cute and "animally", but was going to try the back door to get back into the house!

So I made her stand there while I snapped a couple more pictures. *sigh* Ok, I give up. So I let her in and check to see just what I've gotten...if there's anything good. Lo and behold! I have a surprise! Hidden among all of the "average" shots, is this cute one where I have managed to grab her mid-lick! :-D

It made it all worth it. :-)

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Jac said...

haha... cute! Cats are hard to get good pictures of. I lay on the floor beside mine all the time and they avoid looking at the camera at all costs!