Saturday, March 13, 2010

A New Technique

So, since we have no adorable children in our house (presently :-) ), I have to use what I have on hand which most often happens to be our family felines. :-)

Since getting my camera and gathering tips from friends, the internet, books, etc, I've had alot of fun playing with ... "things"on my camera. lol Namely, lighting. Years ago I took a one-night photography class here at our local college and was told there to "always use your flash. It will sharpen your images, etc, etc." Well I did that for years but then all of the sudden realized I was hearing the complete opposite from the photographers in my life. Hence, I now never hardly EVER use my flash and I'm finding that I LOVE my pictures so much more this way. I tell you all of this to now tell you this. :-) When I followed my cat into my brothers bedroom and saw that she had jumped into his "cubby" thingy, the room was dark but she was right next to the window. So I pulled back the curtain and *VOILA*! Beautiful natural light that doesn't make her eyes green. :-p

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