Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have been utilizing the non-fiction section at our library like I never have before. :-) For two reason: 1-my sweet Daddy paid off my library fines (they weren't much! But the limit isn't very high to hit where you can't use your card anymore...and other people use my card....okay, done making so I feel like I'm rich! lol and 2-I recently read a book about being the godly, single, woman that I ought to be in preparation to be the godly, wife I ought to be ... someday. :-) And one of the things they talk about doing is gaining as much knowledge as you can in this time where you aren't "distracted" by a family. So, I've been getting a lot of books out from the non-fiction section. 

I've gotten books on living a godly life, books with random facts (like to fish drink water??? :-P), books on physical health, and books on the Civil War. It's been really interesting so far and I'm looking forward to learning lots! :-)

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