Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soul Smothered Chicken

This is the recipe I recently tried out for the first time. It's not for us though. So as I type this...and look at the very true to life's cooking on the stove...and I'm smelling it...and my sister is asking if we'll get to take a bit... Oh the agony of cooking yummy meals for other people! Oh well. Rather than continue to go on and on about the hardships of smelling amazing food in the kitchen that you won't be indulging in yourself, I'll begin my timeline. 

First, set out the ingredients. Ok, I don't actually do this as a habit but for the sake of a picture I did. 

Then you brown the chicken on all sides...which I forgot to take a picture of. Yeah, I'm on the ball here. 

The already browned chicken.

Then you take the chicken out and saute the vegetables. 
(I did not know how amazing fresh garlic smells as you saute it! Wowza!)

Add some S&P to that and some flour then add the broth and drop the chicken back in. (So I'm not following the recipe to a "T"; but that's why I'm putting the recipe up too. So you can. :-) )

Cover and simmer for 30 minutes or so and Presto! You have a delicious (Yes, we tasted it. What?!?! You wouldn't have???) chicken dinner in seconds! Well, unless you're cooking it and not reading it on a blog. :-)

Now comes the fun part.


Clean up. :-/

(For the full recipe check out my recipe blog, Sarah's Recipe Cards)

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