Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Running behind schedule...

Whew! Life has just been nuts! And not having a computer at home I can't just grab a minute here and there to blog real quick. So, not only am I running behind in my blog posting but the topic for today is "National Library Week"...which was April 11-17! lol! Oops!
Well...I actually did come to the library that week with the sole purpose of getting a few good pictures of our library and then blogging about it....only to have my camera flash the "Battery's Exausted" sign at me. Oy!
So, a little late and not as full as I was going to do originally, but here is my salute to our local Public Library. :-)

I am very thankful for our Library! We've been a "part" of our library nearly since the day we moved to town 15 years ago. Some of the ladies working here have watched me and my siblings grow up. Books, movies, music, and the Technology Center...I'm thankful for it all! :-D

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